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next PZ lens test report: Zeiss ZA 24-70mm f/2.8 SSM
[quote name='mst' timestamp='1301047603' post='7088']

Since I'm the photographer of that image, allow me to explain that this was not meant to be "art", it's just a small 100% crop out of a much larger image. Its single and only purpose was to illustrate the poor bokeh.

-- Markus


- [Image: rolleyes.gif] - urm, i was joking mst -

- and, it's all art to me - [Image: med_gallery_5414_4_49630.jpg]

[size="2"]. . . hmmm, i have indeed had problems with a somewhat light hearted attitude in my posts on the web at other sites, so . . . hmmm, so maybe me be careful - [/size]

[size="2"]and yes as i said previously, in my experience with this lens it does have a problem with bokeh at some settings but those settings seem to be restricted to a narrow range and so for me are not a problem - but as i also said above i don't use, say, 30mm-70mm length for my shots too much (liking wider or longer), so don't use this lens a lot, but never the less i find pictures from this lens nice and most tweakable - [/size]

. . . . ps. - ok, fair's fair, especially here -

- here for the record i have at last found this shot from the past that alerted me to the, um, difficult bokeh from this lens associated with these settings and style - anything moderately out of focus with some contrast becomes a problem - so this has made me avoid doing this type of thing again -

a900, [email protected], f.2.8, 1/1600 - 100% crop -

[Image: 1228835964_yxST8-O.jpg]

. . . so, pardon me all, & mst [Image: sad.gif]

and now i might just add this shot here for the record as a picture with not very different settings, ie. 40mm rather than 50mm and a tad softer -

[Image: 1226877343_gwfTg-O.jpg]


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