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well, seems to me printing within an album-soft seems to gett popular,

for the purists of course nothing above a real foto-print,

but these are available in the form of an album too...

the problem is that you have to use the soft of the printer-service,

witch is often poor in possibilities,

I have experience with 3 of those:

spector: real fotopaper, so prints are top-quality, but the soft is poor, and bigger sizes are not available,

photoalbum : plastified paper, washable ! for shure when passing through kids hand it's a plus! but IQ-wise it left me a bit hungry after all,the stries of the plastifying are not that nice,and it seems my album was plastified too early(?), the bleu colors whashed out, complaint about this didn't had any positive response, obviously they prefer happy custumors...

elka-color : printing on "digital paper", something between real foto-paper and the other junk, possibility to print on a double page, if you chooze for a 30cm/40cm-album...this gives just amazing prints...80cm large !

the soft is a bit more convinient than the others, but still misses some more creative contents,

like borders, templates,...

using another software makes things often some cumbersome, but add in creativity,

does anyone have some experience in these "scrap"-softs,



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