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Lenstip review of the Sigma A 105mm F1.4 HSM.
The simplest questions can also be the most stupid questions, quod demonstrandum.
(07-14-2018, 12:38 PM)Brightcolours Wrote: The simplest questions can also be the most stupid questions, quod demonstrandum.

Whatever you think in our own world I still waiting for answer
Feel free to wait as long as you wish - but if you ignore answers, that's not going to motivate more people to reply to your stupid question.
(07-14-2018, 09:57 AM)JJ_SO Wrote: I don't recall to ever have used one lens for a full hour,

It seems that this is not place to be. People get mad en call me stupid.
I dont gonna argue with someone who has never hold an camera for more that an hour.
Please feel free to continue the main topic.
I wil not disturb you.
This lens deserves this discussion.
You reading capabilities or your comprehension appear to be rather poor.

No one called you stupid, but your question was. 6 years after the introduction of D800 this discussion is no longer of public interest. If people would not need high MP, no one had bought it. And if you decide for yourself not to buy bigger than 20 MP - alright, then your choices are already limited - there's no reason to involve yourself in this discussion.
The purpose of my question is to wake you up and go outside your onw world.

Do you believe that most people have D800 at home. You see the declining sells number. It is long term trend.
The question is not 6 years old. maybe you are 6 years photozone member :-)
The question exists since I was busy with photography. At the begin was 8x10 Inch large format camera  Vs cropped large
Later on large format vs MF - 35mm was for kids Smile
and so one.

Back to main subject - Do we need this sigma 105/1,4 . My answer is yes . Small group of people need it.  A little bit bigger group will buy it for collective purpose. Even bigger group, will speak about this lens but will not buy it. /Read reviews for Porsche but buy VW/
The biggest group 99% of the earth population - Dont care about such huge dinosaurs.

Why Im not so enthusiast about this lens?
It remembers me the legendary canon 200/1.8 . That was the dream lens for many photographers including me. We have seen nice portrait and action sport shoot with this lens. Unfortunately the photographic creativity with this lens was limited. Finlay Canon discount this lens. No wonder, if you make something that is not needed by our society, it will die - Another one byte the dust
When will the hurting stop.
Again, reading well is no crime:

"Unfortunately, they mix Nikon 1 in with DSLRs, and don’t call out DX versus FX" So, forget about to conclude the numbers of high MP bodies by decreasing sales numbers.

And it's only Nikon. That's an entirely different subject - people partly are turning their backs at Nikon because they stick too long on DSLRs. Sony's numbers and trends will look a bit different.

It's also very clear that Sigma and Tamron are eating a nice chunk of the lens cake which would otherwise be taken by the sales of genuine lenses. So you can mourn the demise of DSLR or regret the flood of smartphone images or misjudge the significance of this lens as "not needed". Who cares?

Sigma? This is not the only lens in their portfolio which might be a dream lens, only just not for sales numbers. Apparently they make enough money with other lenses to not care too much about sales success. That's what Sigma stated on several occasions: with some lenses they just want to show it can be done. Maybe as a first - today this is one method to stay in consumer's memories, in forum talks, in rumours mills. They^re doing pretty well given the size of their company.

Nikon? Brought out their 105/1.4 first - and where I live the price diff is not 600$, just half of it. And their next big bokeh monster, the 200/2 VR II, costs 3 Nikon 105/1.4...

99% of Earth population? Then still 7.47 millions ARE interested? Or how did you come up with this number? And if only 0.1 % of them buy this lens, 7500 units could be sold. Maybe you need to step out of your own world?

Or in other words: Sigma's sales numbers can't be our problem.
"The purpose of my question is to wake you up and go outside your onw <sic> world."
Perhaps the person who still uses a mediocre old 10.2 mp camera and thread after thread judges the sense of the camera industry by their own closed little world should be your target.
Can we return to the lens?

Lenstip's finding of low coma is interesting for astro, no? Also, that he thought "coming from MF lenses, the weight will be less of an issue". I want to see for myself and reserved both lenses to rent. I'm rather curious. As already said, the Sigma might be tne better investment because of the possibility of a lens change.

heck, Sigma already put it in front of their sd quattro, and I thing, that's really one of the least comfortable combinations to handle.
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