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Fuji X-T3 announced
The X-T2 was better than the X-T1 when it came out, and today even more so. The X-T3 again is technically really very good and much better than X-T2, the fast processor works for AF and metering (no more bright finder because of metering), video ist outstanding (but I'm not much into it), AF superb. People complain about battery life should consider: bigger sensor (not much, but still), much faster processor and only the same battery, not bad - and the grip is very well made and rather useful.

I'd recommend to try one. The dials are now a bit stiffer, but that means occasionally you can push them when turning. Pushing is also a function, so things can happen. EVF with 3.69 dots (are they all buying the same OLEDs?) will be awesome. Fuji people - at least that ones whose life doesn't depend on IBIS - will love it.
(09-06-2018, 12:46 PM)JJ_SO Wrote: Hahaha, with 3 new ML systems you already made up your mind. But why not? Fuji really is not bad, and Canon M is much younger (to be more widespread in Europe).

No Klaus, Fuji to me is not the most attractive ML system - and I'd say that depends very highly on what a buyer expects from it. You put your emphasis on less weight and small size - Fuji checks all these boxes. I put my emphasis on usability and flexibility, also 3rd party lenses and some features I like to see decently implemented - Fuji is out of the game and my Fuji sales is going on.

    So the Fuji system is going JoJu....... interesting!   I remember all the arguments for it and all the for's and against's of the trans sensor.......the on sensor AF accuracies.....the frustrations of DSLR AF....etc.   I had reservations about their sensor......mainly to do with image processing.....there were some who were frustrated about it.

    I was thinking during the Z6/Z7 débâcle the other day, what equipment do you currently own?

 Amongst a baffling array of exotic lens mentions, top flight bodies etc.

    Can I ask you for your current photographic stock check, lenses and all?
There's a reason why I don't fill up a signature with stuff I bought. I don't think it's important and beyond information for you it will always lead to some kind of "fanboy" complaints.
I don't think its a good moment to sell Fuji equipment at the moment (so I will keep some of it), same goes for DSLRs - last 2nd hand offer for a D810 was 1100.- Some things are gone, mostly to empty some space or to get them to the hands of some using them more than I do.

The Z7/Z6 debacle was mostly the fault of a dumb marketing department - not many people actually have first hand experience with production models and fw 1.0. I admit the X-T3 is also a cool move from Fuji and I got word the X-H1 finally has the possibility to switch the front dial to aperture setting. So, maybe this is also in the X-T3 and also maybe, this might come to X-T2.
First firmware update before the camera is available:

Can't decide: Should I be impressed by how quick the firmware gets the next version? Should I express a light doubt about the testing before Fuji let the parcels roll? Do I care? Nope.

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