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fuji xt2 seems amazing
Half right in this case  Smile The lock is only to move the display, when using portrait orientation. As long as it's landscape orientation, its not locked, but parked in a recessed bay. Can't imagine to caught a strap with it, but it's also helping that I don't use straps  Wink


The lock switch could stand out a bit more, it's really fiddly to use. The display comes only out like 45°, I like the ones of Canon G11 or Nikon D5100 much better. Easier and quicker to use. Your's of D750 is only landscape orientated, if I remember correctly? And the D500, too? Never mind, could look it up myself.


Oh, and today I missed a manual switch on the lens (which is also maybe not Pro-like). And a polarizer. For what that? Only for the first two crayfishes I saw in my life. But then, sitting on a river, too much happened: rowing boats, fog, flying birds, little drinking birds, even more little birds flopping around - I'd really appreciated to have this Nikon U1 /U2 dials. The Fuji has a lot of dials and buttons, but I keep on pressing the wrong ones. I need to do something about that. Sugu? Most buttons are too flat for my fingers. And what I also miss is the possibility to save all settings to a card.

Fuji just postponed a release of firmware 1.10 for X-T2 which adds tethered shooting support.


For Windows users who run HS-V5 from Fuji (no longer MMac support since years, as it appears)

Or for Lightroom users, with a separate update of a PlugIn (29 or 79 $, hahaha)


So, nothing for me, I'll pass this sucking update. I knew one day I would be disappointed and I just decided to stop getting new lenses and stick with Nikon for a longer while. Capture One: after six weeks still no support for compressed RAW-files, this firmware sh.. excludes a couple of users, but so what? Since I miss some parts in the menu I consider as necessary, I simply have to ignore some of the usability things they did not well enough for me. I also don't think I will come back from holidays with hundreds of 50 MB big RAW - if I do so, I can equally use a body with more resolution thanks to very good lenses. I made a couple of tests between Nikon D810, Fuji X-T2 and some Sigmas and the Fuji always made the least points.

Quote: <- Ken rockwell review; some of the comments seem bizzare such as colour only good for people and you are better off with canon for landscape because it will produce more saturated colours. But whatever....
Duh... "Bizarre" is Ken Rockwell's middle name. Smile "Obnoxious" is another. Tongue

Some less amazing things about X-Pro2/X-T2:

Quote:Some less amazing things about X-Pro2/X-T2:

That is one nasty issue...
As the author said:

"The truth is that we all react differently to these problems, mainly because it depends on how much the issue affects our shooting. Personally, I started to investigate the problem after reading a complaint in a Facebook group, which proves that I didn’t notice it at first."


Since I could not quickly, after a brief search for "RAW", find out how the images in question have been processed and with which RAW-converter, the part "sensor isssue" is for me in doubt. But I will take a look into the frames I made in backlit situations and see if I find something.

Now I found 4 pictures with heavy backlight. I tried the JPGS in Aperture, the RAWs in CaptureOne and Iridient: Nada. No Grid.


I could try now to set the camera to compressed RAW, that would limit the converters to "Iridient only", because the other programmers are just too slow or incapable  Big Grin . I suspect, either Lightroom or compressed RAW to be the source of the problem.

Like the reviewer points out, you see it happening in the EVF. Just watch for the purple to appear (the purple being the issue to begin with). Read the piece again, more thoroughly.

If you need to waste somebody's time, start with your own... get a Fuji and run your own tests. Doing so, you'd get in touch with a camera you only know by theoretical posting  Wink Might become a surprise. But teasing aside, if it's such an "issue" - why isn't the internet full of it? Ah, I predict an answer: "because everybody is blind in this Fuji hype".


Apropos reading "more thoroughly": Mathieu needed 200% view to show the "issue". On pixelpeeping level, it's also easy to see banding of some Canon sensors  Big Grin

Another lame response.  But yeah, you did no read the article well. 

"This particular purple flare can be easily seen live in the electronic viewfinder while you are composing your image. So if the purple flare appears, use it as a notification alert for the grid artefacts. Actually, in a few situations, I saw the grid pattern inside the EVF itself."


I really am not sure why you always are like this, it is pretty odd.

 And yes, it actually is "all over the internet".

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