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new Fujinon XF 23mm f/2 R WR
"Quod erat demonstrandum" means "which is what had to be proved". There's another Q.E.D. meaning "quod esset demonstrandum" and means "what would have to be proved". I always read a lot of you equivalencing folks - I just don't see real pictures  Wink In theory perspective remains the same when subject and object keep their distance and angles. I agree with that.  


In practice, there are limits at least optically: Just switch to 20 m and say the same about about a bench in a park, taken with a wide-angle and the other with a tele - perspective and compression remain the same, I know, but is only one property of the picture - the others are resolution and contrast i.e.


What you're saying about equivalence is only valid if you'd be able to shrink all (not only a couple) properties of a camera and lens combination. If it would be that easy, we had as a consequence not to deal with different kinds of bokeh. All the other differences would be equivalented? I doubt that. The various constructions of wide angles which cannot be made easier due to the flange distance have an impact on IQ as well. It is not "all the same, just smaller or larger" 

I will come up with visuals.


But I am in Paris at the moment (not for fun though) so it'll take a couple of weeks.

I'll try the same. Actually I was looking in some files I made weeks ago, but it only showed how sensitive wide-angles can be when it comes to side-light. And I cannot make a fair comparison anymore because I don't have FF and APS-C with equal pixel count - down- or upscaling already changes too much.


I fully agree with your point of perspective (same distance will always give the same perspective) I just suspect the results as silghtly different because not everything is eyxactly the same scale. But I also don't have a real proof to what I think might happen.

Quote:I will come up with visuals.


But I am in Paris at the moment (not for fun though) so it'll take a couple of weeks.
Are you holding an audition for a model for PZ portrait samples? Big Grin
I had seen someone post on DPReview what appears as some pretty significant CA on the 23mm f2. Is this lens slated for review any time soon?

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