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Latest Canon rumors

Not that new
or that exciting...

Well, the lens lineup is complete. DSLR innovations are a thing of the past.

However, an updated 24-105L II is surely interesting (IMHO).


A "prosumer" EOS M is certainly overdue. 


However, an updated 24-105L II is surely interesting (IMHO).


Agreed..the current one is barely acceptable on the 5d Mk 2 let alone anything later.
And all with miserable DR...

To be honest I've been waiting for a prosumer m for a number of years. Unfortunately for canon they are too slow. mft and Fuji have proved more than sufficient.

It always seemed strange not to put the dual pixel af into their mirrorless cameras
If it's comforting you: Nikon owners are also starting to build up a Fuji system. I'm looking forward towards the X-T2 and am curious if that C-AF is as good as some early testers found. Regarding lenses I have enough, I just miss some reliable AF-C.

Yea; how does an eos-m compete against a fuji ti2 ?
I never understood why Canon didn't really bother with mirrorless.

Sure, a serious mirrorless approach would have feasted on some of their DSLR sales. Instead they are sending interested consumers elsewhere. They can't possibly expect that their customer base stays loyal no matter what.


How stupid can one be really?

I was watching a video by thecamerastore on the X-T2. Sounding great so far, AF-C as good as a6300, if not better. Use case based af setup along the same lines as high end dslrs appears to work well.


Video quality appears impressive with no overheating issues. (unlike the a6300 - I cant believe they sent it to market like this).


I suppose one issue Fuji has with pushing the X-T2 towards sports photographers is the lens selection or lack of, especially fast fixed focal lengths. Also the canon 100-400ii really is a great lens and combined with a 7dii or 80d is roughly the same price as the fuji setup.


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