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So what do you think of the Sigma SD Quattro ?
Hmmm, I need to look into that. So far I can add a new layer on Fuji X-Trans files. I like C1 very much for Fuji RAWs and the only strange thing I realized was, that Aperture is not able to include XMP when it's exporting Fuji RAWs. But dust removal worked well on both sides. I just didn't try any other layer than the adjustment layer.


So, basically: Dust removal is possible. Repair of skin- or other damages? I need to try, but honestly, C1 is less comfortable and quick with that than Aperture. So I don't know if I miss that much. For bigger retouch work I use Affinity photo which has much more and more powerful options to do so by adding frequency-layers.

Quote:I've also found out that repair layer functions are not supported on Fuji X-Trans files. That's not good...
On Capture One 9.2 I could add a repair layer and use it. So far, I cannot confirm this statement.


LCC/Automask/Export DNG/Repair layers - Not supported

Aaah, now it's clear: Automask is the feature in question, not the repair layer. A mask will not fill automatically, but I think I had this effect also with D810 files. If I would have a bit more time, I would try a couple of other RAW-files. In my C1, I was not able to use the automatic filling the way I can use in Aperture the border detection.


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