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got Sony a6000 now need lenses
Just got Sony A6000 plus 16-50, mirrorless is a nice thing, however i am disappointed by the lens.

16-50 is really the worst lens I have used.

My solutions are either adopting my Canon lenses to Sony or getting Sony native lenses.

All I need is good optics with reasonable speed in the 50-100mm range

So what would be better??? A adapter, which one ?

Sony 50mmf1.8

Sony 55-210 seems too slow and I expect quality in the same league as 16-50

My other solution would be dropping the whole Sony APS-C and getting EOS M
Forget the Sony NEX and go for the Canon EOS-M. The NEX line suffers from crappy lenses.

Plus, you'll be able to adapt your Canon lenses.


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You can adapt the Canon lenses to Sony as well. Just sayin'.  Wink Besides, the Canon M lens lineup is one of the biggest jokes in the industry, although there are a couple interesting primes.


To the OP: come on, just read the reviews here in PZ/OL, Klaus has had put his effort into reviewing most of the extant lenses (except maybe the 20 and 24mm primes, and the 18-135 is still too new).

The 18-135mm seems to be decent if we can believe Sony at least ...


But yes, MFT or Fuji would have been a better choice in the sub-FF segment really.

I think my Sony will be Valentine's gift for my wife.

The deal was too good: A6000 plus Sony camera bag Plus extra battery plus 2SD cards for 300$. The good point is she accepted it instead of jewelry.
Good job!


I've been giving photography gear as presents for ages. Half a dozen cameras must've passed through my hands this way. Smile


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