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canon 200-600 f4.5-5.6 expected in august
Should be cheaper than Sigma 150-600 sport

Not an L lens though
f/5.6 at 600mm? We're looking at a front element at least the size of that from a 300/2.8. Are there any screw-in filters larger than 105mm available? (because it's going to be at least 110mm)

That link goes to the Canon 85 F1.8 for me!

Cheaper than the Sigma Sport is the Nikon 200-500/5.6 as well. Finally, Canon woke up after Nikon (that alone is exceptional) making also a long zoom for us holiday-birders-who-always-need-bright-sunshine and lots of luck to grab the last dimes out of the pockets of die-hard Canonistas waiting for three years for this lens.


However, I do believe/expect, it's as least as good as the rest of the market.

OK I've found it............


  It doesn't look like a cheap lens to me, although the article states it is expected to be less than the 100-400mm......that though, will shock me....F4.5 at the shorter end and F5.6 at 600mm????


  That's not in the same league as the "Big Four"  it's a step and a half above it!

5.6 - 6.3 - 7.1 - 8...


Huh 1.5 steps over f/6.3 would be f/4.2

Oh, I fell down the steps....  Huh
My Fuji, too  Sad

So I reckon it's a good thing that the two 150-600mm lenses are next in line for the reviews (and boy, I already hate the thought).

Because of the long walking distance between camera and chart?  ^_^


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