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Sigma 20mm review coming ...
Tested both on the 5Ds R and 5D II this time.

One aspect is surprising about this lens ...

You know that new posts do no longer appear in the "View New Content" view?


Don't know if that was always the case or is something fresh, but it's difficult to detect new posts. I see them under "NewContent", if somebody replied, but not at the beginning.
Will have a look tonight.

I never use this so I didn't notice
I also "never" use it (at least it happened once yesterday). Your "Hmmmh ? Something Swiss/Korean coming next week?" doesn't appear* in my "View New Content", as well as Toni-A's "Should I drop FF?"


*even after you posted the picture and corrected the link in your 2nd post.

Well, all I can do is to refresh the caches. The forum is third party code.
I was wondering if I messed up with my settings.


Anyway, I'm looking forward to the Sigma results to see if you came to the same findings as me.

Impressive on 21mp (for a 20mm f/1.4) ...

Wow. Certainly a review that people are waiting with bated breath for.

Another lens that is screaming "sell your 24/1.4 L!" to me. Big Grin

Yes :-)

I keep both of them, the 24/1.4 is just like half the size (I'm exaggerating) and my cameras focus better with the 24. Using the 20 wide open appears to be a demanding challenge for Nikon.

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