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Fuji X-E2 firmware update 4.00 available now
Fuji X-E2 firmware update 4.00 available now:

Thanks, just uploaded it to the camera. So far, so great, my camera got eye-detection now  B) and a lot of other stuff I first have to read through. I waited for it.

After 4 days of using the old hardware with the new firmware, my intermediate findings are:


A lot of improvements, especially since I unboxed the camera 5 weeks ago (with firmware 1.0). Functionality in terms of AF became better, low light shots are no longer a huge problem. Which doesn't mean a 100% keeper rate. Camera and I not always agree on importance of objects to be in focus. So, a couple of shots I didn't make.


Others were at something like 6400 ISO, 1/20 and aperture between f/2 and f/1.2


The Auto-whitebalance does a nice job - the light was clearly worse than here to be seen.

[Image: i-wbjBHM7-M.jpg]


And the 35/2 is although on the limit with 1/20" still useable in terms of AF

[Image: i-vPfChXZ-M.jpg]


But still no tongue-detection  Sad Maybe firmware 5.0 will have some new goodies.

[Image: i-fdJ92Lp-M.jpg]

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