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Sample Gallery - Zeiss FE Distagon T* 35mm f/1.4 ZA (Sony)

   The new version!...... Needless to say I would go grey, but for those who choose not to,  Ephotozine lists it at £599 which is still good value when you're bored of shelling out Sony bucks on every optic that takes your fancy......note that the reviewer didn't need much convincing!


.....either way I won't be buying one.



BTW.  I always tap the lens model, followed by "le moins cher"..........and you're straight there!
Quote:BTW.  I always tap the lens model, followed by "le moins cher"..........and you're straight there!

Inmidst all these weird words they call "French" these days... by tapping in "new Samyang 35mm......AF and all!" they shrugged, also with Wowser. But thaks for these highly accurate description and "I won't buy one" got me back to what I should do.




Edit: Now I know why I couldn't find it. Because Monsieur dave was promoting the 35/2.8 Samyang shard. At least it HAS AF although speed is just for nothing.  Tongue thanks fot he laugh.


Edit II: Was it Samyang Objektiv 35mm f1.4 Sony E-Mount? which has no manual focus? How much € are CHF 518.-? 446€ What was this "le moins cher" thing?  Big Grin 


Quote:The description of the product you are looking for will be available soon. Sorry for this temporary inconvenience, the Photospecialist website is being updated. If you have any questions about this product, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer you. Please contact our customer service department directly by email at [email protected] or by phone at +33 426 699 969.

well, I was wondering if my dealer made a big mistake by saying "no manual focus possible". Apparently it is possible.


But still: 650€ in France, 450€ in CH? Maybe the Swiss version comes without a focus ring?

Quote:Ok, a 1000 AUD ;-)


Well, Samyang doesn't have the best record in terms of centering ... and things don't get any easier with AF.

Seems way too much considering the Sony 35 1.4 can be bought quite regularly for about ~$1400 AUD

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