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new Leica SL full format mirrorless camera
Quote:   It looks a class product and no doubt is, but we have only seen the headline specs, ( price) . I also wonder how much of the camera is in partnership with another company vis a vis the viewfinder. 

  It brings Leica out of the cul de sac range-finder bracket with it's compromised OVF when using wides and teles and makes a Leica finally a versatile camera for any focal length, in line with a, dare I say it, DSLR, even without the reflex, although they have been there before!   The 90-280mm  lens will send traditional Leiconians's heads spinning.

  As for the sensor Klaus, I think there's little point in having Leica glass (when you've paid their prices) on anything less than 24 Mps, in fact I truly surprised that they didn't use 36 Mps. I'm hooked on that Mp size both in APSc and FF.



   This brings Leica into the new world, 

I sort of expect an insane price for the tele zoom though ... I mean even more insane than the rest.


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