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Sample gallery Fujinon XF 56mm f/1.2 APD
Quote:Unlike the 135 STF this one can do AF.

And yes, such lenses render edges like a "ball" rather then a plain circle.

I wouldn't say that the 56mm APD is perfect regarding its bokeh but it is very nice.

It can do contrast-detection AF, yes.


I feel stupid not to have done more research on that. I find this lens dispappointing (why talk around...) I don't see where it's that nicer than the non-APD to justify roughly 30% higer price (okay, it's an ND8 filter in the package... whoever needs that when the shutter goes up to 1/32.000). I could live with the fact it's only slightly or under certain circumstances better than the already great 56/1.2 non-APD. But the focusing in dark situations on the X-T2 sucks, it's hunting and it's impossible to use AF-C. So, a great portrait lens for good lighting conditions? Probably yes.


Now, after I bought it and know what to look for, also got some additional information by a deeper informed Fujista, I see my mistake and wished I better had been gone for the 16/1.4 (not the same of course) and kept my trusted 56/1.2 R! Well, likely I will get it back because the person I sold it in a pretty quick process rethought and wants to return it to me to become owner of an X-T2 earlier. So, I'm not the only one with hasty decisions  :unsure:


Anyone in need of a highly specialised portrait lens for Fuji?  ^_^


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