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no sample images in Canon 24mm STM review ?
Quote:(actually, for the longest time I wanted to ask Markus how he had come to own these rare beasts, and what happened to them afterwards when he switched to Nikon  Wink).
I don't remember exactly how and where I first heard about these lenses, but I guess it helped that I was a terrible gearhead early on and followed any photography site or forum I could find Wink Otherwise I probably wouldn't have learned about conurus and his N-to-EF conversions (nor Hartblei and their Super-Rotator lenses)

I actually bought used Contax N lenses and sent them to Canada to have them converted by conurus. Was quite a lesson in German customs bureaucracy, btw Wink

When I switched to Nikon, I sold all my Canon gear on eBay, including the conurus lenses, with one exception: I still have a converted Contax 24-85 sitting on a shelf board, that turned out to be heavily decentered.

Sometimes, this lens gets to see some light: if you browse my FB profile, there's an album of b/w-shots I took at an oldtimer garage a few years ago. They were shot on film with an old EOS 620 and that conurus lens.


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