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My thoughts on a 'bargain' Pentax lens kit
I'm assuming that they are coming from the DAL18-55...


I'm biased to the wide angles myself and have both the DA15 Ltd and DA18-55II.  I prefer the angle of view, size and construction of the DA15 for sure, but the reality is the DA18-55's @ 18mm can do 90% of what the DA15 can.    24~25mm (135 equivalent) is my ideal focal length, but I can squeeze by with 28mm (equivalent) (I've thought about ditching everything for a Ricoh GR...).


The 18-55's are really good from 18-35mm (I show this here).  That eliminates the DA15 and DA35/2.4 for me.  (The DA18-55 is f/4.0 up to 32mm.  The extra 1.5 stops of the DA35/2.4 are arguable as an advantage, but for the price it can also be included in the bargain kit, sure.)


The 18-55's @55mm are weak wide-open at 'normal' distances...but they do 1:3 macro @55mm and are totally serviceable as a pseudo macro instead of the Sigma 70mm.   Since the 18-55 @55mm is pretty much useless at normal distances except for bright days, the DA50/1.8 totally complements the 18-55mm.


For me, the extra speed of the DA50/1.8 is a better value add than the extra reach of the DA70/2.4.  They are close enough in FL that a bit of cropping evens them out.


The DA18-55, either II or WR has a some big advantages over the cheaper DAL version: includes a very nice hood, quickshift manual focus and a metal mount.  The WR version adds the weather sealing of course.


So there you go:  DA18-55II, DA35/2.4, DA50/1.8.   I could certainly shoot most of what I shoot with that kit if I had to.  ~$500 USD and compared to $1300, leaves lots of options to add a specialty lens (super WA, macro, tele, etc).


The Zenfolio site shows the EXIF data in the tab on the right-side titled "Info" beside the "Thumbnails" tab.


This is the (Pentax mostly) gear that I've owned:

<p style="margin-left:40px;"> 

<div style="margin-left:40px;">....:: Current Gear ::...
Pentax: K-01, Super-Program, AF-360FGZ
Metz: Mecablitz 58 AF-1
Pentax: DA15/4 Ltd, A28/2.8, DFA50/2.8 Macro, DA18-55 AL II, DA 18-135WR
Voigtländer: 58/1.4 SLII
Zeiss: Distagon T* 25mm f/2.8 ZK 
Canon: Canonet GL-III QL
Sony: TX-5
...:: Past Gear ::...
Pentax: PZ-1p, K-m, K-x / Ricoh: GX08
Pentax: AF200T, AF280T / Panasonic: PE-20S
Pentax: DA14/2.8, M20/4, K24/2.8, DA35/2.8 Ltd, A50/1.4, FA50/1.4, DFA100/2.8, F*300/4.5, A1.4X-S, DA10-17FE, DAL18-55, A35-105/3.5
Sigma: 28/1.8 II Asph MF, 28/1.8 II Asph AF
Tokina: AT-X28-70/2.6-2.8, AT-X400/5.6
Tamron:  DiII 17-50/2.8, 103A 80-210/3.8-4
Voigtländer: 40/2 SLII, 90/3.5 SL
Zenitar 16/2.8 Fisheye

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