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The best sensor doesn't belong to Sony anymore
Quote:on DXO mark, the best sensor is Nikon D850 and it isn't sony...


and the king of dynamic range with whopping 17+ f stops belongs to RED


good to see some serious competition  

I find the DXO overall score a bit misleading as it's highly biased towards base ISO.

This is what saves the D850 against the A7II.

A more interesting and arguably more accurate way of gauging sensor overall performance is to look at the various graphs (SNR, dynamic range, colors).

When looking at the graphs from the D850 and A7II, it appears the A7II is overall a superior sensor despite being 2 years older.

Besides base ISO, the A7II sensors offers superior performances in all categories.

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The best sensor doesn't belong to Sony anymore - by thxbb12 - 10-10-2017, 12:26 PM

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