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The best sensor doesn't belong to Sony anymore
Quote:As far as I know, NO, Sony does not make the D850 sensor. Do you know any Sony camera with a 45.7mp sensor? I don't. And do you know any Nikon camera with a 42mp sensor? I don't. Sony did not sell the 42mp sensor to Nikon, so Nikon had to go elsewhere and take its time to replace the D800/810.


From what I have read, Nikon partly designed the D850 sensor themselves  (just like they did with the D3/4/5 sensors) and partly by FORZA Silicon Corporation, and it is manufactured by TowerJazz.


What does sensor MP's have to do with anything? It could use whatever Sony's latest technology mode is. Which doesn't preclude Nikon, or anyone, coming in with different circuitry and some tweaking of standard cells to produce a different result.


That said, I have no idea where this sensor is made. Honestly, it's pretty irrelevant to me. It's not a game changer for me to switch to Nikon. The most interesting part is seeing the technology being pushed and competitions.

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The best sensor doesn't belong to Sony anymore - by mike - 10-12-2017, 02:15 PM

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