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next PZ lens test report: Sony FE 70-200mm f/4 G OSS

Depending on the camera model, modern DSLRs have have a small advantage but the advantage is there and I don't think that this gap can be completely closed in the next few years.  Just take the EOS 70D as an example. It has both on-chip as well as conventional PD AF. If the on-chip version was just as good then why would they have bothered with the conventional one at all ? Technically the AF photodiodes in a conventional PD-AF are just bigger thus more sensitive (better signal/noise quality).


This is invalid argument as DSLR lenses are designed to work  with PDAF only. The lenses for mirrorless cameras are designed to work with hybrid AF system, and there is no reason why hybrid AF with newer lenses can't eventually perform better than DSLR 


We aren't talking about lowlight AF but AF tracking so all your other arguments aren't relevant here

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