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Japan only: Canon EOS M2
Quote:Hmmh, well, so I don't need to start testing it after all ...

Too bad, I'd have bought a EOS M, but because it didn't allow remote operation, i.e. computer controlled capturing, I didn't. Not sure the M2 does allow it, though there seem to be hints of it because one can control it with a smart phone. Now they won't sell it.


Seems like a backwards policy, you can't sell something, if you don't offer it for sale. Two, three more lenses, (a longer reach tele, say a 18-200mm STM, a 40mm or so prime), and the system would probably get some traction. 

Anyway, everybody was expecting a dual pixel sensor a la 70D, but it's not.  I suspect the M2 is just another stop-gap solution for the Holiday season in Japan and Asia. 

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