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next PZ lens test report: Sony FE 100mm f/2.8 STF GM OSS
Quote:I'd rather state that the lens is aligned to still life and nature photography where you are often facing very busy and contrasty fore- and backgrounds and this STF lens can kill hard edges like no other.

I can't comment about wedding, as I never do that kind of photography, but I do agree that the lens would be excellent for still life and nature.


Quote:I'd even state that it can substitute a macro lens down to a magnification of 1:4 although that may not be sufficient for critters at least.

It would be interesting to see whether somebody tests it with a close-up lens or an extension tube.


Quote:Interestingly Sony implemented a dedicated aperture ring. Some users may still prefer this but it feels a little bit like a gimmick these days.

I'm one of those users who'd appreciate that...


Quote:The camera will always display the T-value which feels a little unfortunate because such a lens is primarily about the depth-of-field rather than the effective speed so it's a little difficult to estimate the effect on the depth-of-field when stopping down.

Shouldn't be really hard for Sony to publish a firmware update, at least for the most recent A7*, and offer an option to switch between f/stop and T-value in the EVF - or even show both.


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Plus some legacy Nikkor lenses.

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