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40MP compact ??!
[quote name='FroggySeven' timestamp='1360613815' post='21905']

ok my tittle is a bit "show off", but it was to enanced the probability to have an answer <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Wink' />/> ...

In fact, it is not about the sensor, but about the panorama mode of the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX20

(a cheap and small waterproof compact).

Does it really allows to shoot in 10 480 x 4096 panoramas (40MP !!!) ????????????? (cf "panorama HR)


It's not just this camera. Sony has been doing panorma shooting in compacts for quite a while now.

The higher resolution is newer, and you can find it also for example in the HX20V and HX30v models (and presumably many others).

The total resolution is given of course by the sensor, and then it's just stitching images together.

I have the HX20v and the panorama mode does work quite well, i.e. it is doing in camera stitching. Of course, you can get artifacts if you have moving subjects in the areas of overlap, you can't always avoid that. But in general, it's a nice tool for a quick landscape shot. There are also issues about the exposure control, i.e. if you start in a dark area, by then time you reach the bright area, the image section will be overexposed. I think in the panorama mode, you don't have manual control over exposure - but I'm not 100% sure, I'd have to go back to the online manual. Ah yes, Sony doesn't even give you a proper manual anymore, for operation details you have to look online. In the online manual, it only says if exposure is not good, redo with a different angle...

The dSLR also have a pano mode, but maybe they don't have the high resolution mode. You would have to look at the specific model.

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