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New Firm-ware updates for Pentax camereas
[quote name='dave's clichés' timestamp='1359631306' post='21664']

Hi guys,

Out today,six new firmware updates for Pentax cameras, it seems that the new firmware is primarily aimed at the DA* 560mm F5.6 lens to function with live-view,which to me indicates the impending release of this lens,otherwise "improved stability" is also claimed.A few users have claimed that there is improved AF in low light on the K5,however this is yet to be confirmed.

Obviously Pentax envisage selling the DA* 560 in huge numbers as even the K01 is included in the firmware package.My guess, following on from recent trends with the Q10, is that Pentax will be bringing the lens out in multi-coloured six packs! Buyers are requested to form an orderly queue.

Dave's Clichés


Now you're worse than "News Generator". You posted a Pentax message into a Fuji forum. [Image: tongue.gif]

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