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next PZ lens test report: Zeiss Batis 18mm f/2.8
Quote:Klaus, how handy is the new LED display of the lens? It looks very cool.


It's really nice, it reminds me what brand of lens you have, every single time you turn the camera on.


Apart from that, at further distances you get to see nearest and furthest planes of focus, which is helpful if you want to go for the hyperfocal distance. At nearer distances, it automatically switches to how many centimeters you have in front and behind the subject. You also always get the focus distance of course.


It is not that distracting since by default, it's off and it only displays the numbers AFTER you've locked the focus or in manual focus mode. You can turn it off completely or set it to be on at all times.


I'd rather like to be able to reconfigure the focus ring as an aperture ring and display the chosen aperture.


Also, if you are using Setting Effect OFF, the lens won't care about what aperture you've chosen and will display the DOF scale as if the lens is set to wide open.


I could've lived without it but all is nice information. Why doesn't the camera already show all these on the rear screen and inside the viewfinder? Information is there and all displays are electronic.


My Minolta 7 (film camera) from the year 2000 shows that information on the rear screen, along with the magnification ratio...


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