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Why are LWPH lower on NEX7 than NEX5?
deleted; started a new thread with my off topic quesetion.

[quote name='Klaus' timestamp='1334479466' post='17516']

Well, as also mentioned in the reviews we believe that the NEX 7 sensor (system) has an issue towards the borders.

All tests (including 3 unpublished ones) indicate a dampening of the corner resolution at large aperture settings.

We do not observe a scaling effect that we've seen on other systems when migrating to the next (high resolution) camera.

The origin is unclear - it could relate to the sensor cover glass or the micro lens design (the latter made a difference on the C3/5n).

The sensor effect is most significant with symmetrical lenses. There would be no negative effect with tele-centric lenses but none of the current NEX lenses qualifies here (except maybe the Zeiss 24 ?) resulting in a varying degree of dampening dependent on the lens specifics.

The NEX 5 sensor was already not perfect in this respect. We believe that the 16mp sensor of 5n/C3 represents the best offering by Sony.


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