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A lot of Noob Confusion... Help!
[quote name='osbain' timestamp='1322151581' post='13215']

Hi everyone. I've signed up for this forum and have crept through it looking for help on what sort of camera I will soon purchase. The EVIL or MILC cameras have caught my attention recently due to there compact size and often excellent photo capabilities. The three I have read up on and like are the Nikon V1 for its auto focus capabilities, The Sony NEX-5N for its compact size and ISO sensitivity, and third the Olympus PEN E-PL3 for all around specs and pricing. I like to shoot landscapes and moving targets such as sports and especially animals. But don't want to have a large heavy DSLR to lug around as I backpack around a lot. What would everyone recommend and any imput into my decsion would be greatly appreciated. I seriously know very very little about cameras and as a very busy student has had little time to research into the technology.

thanks so much



Well, I'd say that Nikon has the best AF at this stage and the V1 has a viewfinder which is certainly nice. However, high ISO is an issue and the system is rather limited. It is also fairly big relative to its small sensor size.

Just like for Sony NEX there's only one tele zoom lens. The "super-zoom" is also very big in both systems.

If you can live without viewfinder the upcoming Panasonic GX-1 with X 14-42 may be something for you case. It doesn't get much smaller than that and the Panasonic AF is also very fast. And there're lots of tele zoom lenses to choose from. If you require a viewfinder you could consider the GH-2.

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