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A lot of Noob Confusion... Help!
[quote name='osbain' timestamp='1322151581' post='13215']

Hi everyone. I've signed up for this forum and have crept through it looking for help on what sort of camera I will soon purchase. The EVIL or MILC cameras have caught my attention recently due to there compact size and often excellent photo capabilities. The three I have read up on and like are the Nikon V1 for its auto focus capabilities, The Sony NEX-5N for its compact size and ISO sensitivity, and third the Olympus PEN E-PL3 for all around specs and pricing. I like to shoot landscapes and moving targets such as sports and especially animals. But don't want to have a large heavy DSLR to lug around as I backpack around a lot. What would everyone recommend and any imput into my decsion would be greatly appreciated. I seriously know very very little about cameras and as a very busy student has had little time to research into the technology.

thanks so much



Dear Wallace, just buy a camera and take some pictures. Any camera on the market today will be good enough for the pictures you are taking.

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