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Canon EOS 7d vs 60D
Hello all, first post on the forum!

I know this dilemma has been long discussed, but I've been searching the forum without success.

After a few years without DSLR (my last DSLR was a Canon EOS 30D), I'm going to buy a new one. My mind was on an EOS 60D, but I have a really good offer on an EOS 7D. It's only 300€ more expensive than 60D (no scam, it's a very well known store here where I live). But those 300€ will be some kind of an extra unexpected monetary effort

It really worth those extra 300€? I'm not talking only about construction, which is obvious, but more on the image quality or even ergonomy

Basically...Do differences between 60D and 7D worth 300€?

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