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next PZ lens test report: Sigma AF 150mm f/2.8 EX HSM DG APO macro OS (EOS)
[quote name='Lbam' timestamp='1313082170' post='10635']

You can check out my review on the D700 here :


regarding the bokeh fringing greatness in the review of the Sigma, I would guess the Voigtlander 180mm f4 SL1 would preform well too in this dept, but with smoother bokeh than the Sigma.


Nice little "review", One niggle:

"It is also probably slightly more effective a lens to use for portraits, due to it’s combination of shorter focal length, and larger aperture resulting in less blurred shots."

It is not due to the combination of shorter focal length AND larger aperture... the larger aperture counters the shorter focal length instead. So... only the shorter focal length can be attributed for what you have found, not in combination with the larger aperture.

However, your (nice) article lacks images showing this difference, are you really sure it is there?

125 / f2.5 = 50mm aperture

100 / f2 = 50mm aperture

This suggests that the blurring of the background, for both lenses being used wide open, and with similar framing, would have an equal amount of blurring, as both apertures have the same size. So... any differences could then only be in the quality of the blur, the smoothness of it (bokeh) or the slightly wider field of view from the Zeiss making the background possibly a tiny bit more "busy".

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