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next PZ lens test report: Sigma AF 150mm f/2.8 EX HSM DG APO macro OS (EOS)
[quote name='Brightcolours' timestamp='1313131129' post='10671']

The background blur AMOUNT depends on the aperture (size of the opening), and those are equal (50mm for both), so neither would trump the other

As for "camera shake", that makes little sense when you talk about it from a portrait lens perspective, wide open you usually always have light enough so camera shake does not even come into the equation.

So, still, I find that one line (or actually, it appears two times in your nice review)) puzzling after your explanation, as typical portrait use has enough light to keep camera shake well out of the equation and especially the camera you use does well at higher ISO settings too....

Which of the two lenses do you own?


I owned both lenses at the time, but sold the Voigtlander as I felt the Zeiss was mostly as capable, but would free up more funds.

I've since sold the Zeiss also and prefer to use the Nikon 85mm f1.4G for portrait stuff on the D700 due mostly to if having AF in time critical situations.

If I have more time I can always switch to the Voigtlander 90mm f3.5 <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/rolleyes.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Rolleyes' />

If you like to take pictures during the golden hour as I do camera shake DOES become an issue believe me... I know this because I was there, with the camera, with the lenses, pressing the release button. Strangely I feel you're now going to tell me you know otherwise, or that I was doing "something wrong" lol

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