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Problems converting RAW - help appreciated
[quote name='alexg' timestamp='1309469955' post='9660']

Really need some help here please.

I am viewing my RAW pictures in Adobe bridge - they are full of colour and depth

I convert them into TIFF using adobe RAW 4.51 - they still look full of colour and depth in Adobe bridge

When I go to look at them in any other software e.g, Canon Zoombrowser or upload them to flickr - they are completely washed out and lacking any vibrancy.

Same happens if I use the Canon RAW converter from CR2 to Tiff.

What am I doing wrong - there must be a way to keep the nice colours in the RAW image ?

I am using the Adobe RGB colour space with 18bit.


What you describe is common, if the viewing software is not respecting the Adobe RGB profile. Check whether the images are actually marked as AdobeRGB. However for flickr viewing I would advise to change to standard sRGB. This way everyone will see approximately the right colours, whether or not their viewer understands colour profiles.

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