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2 Ultra-Micro-Nikkors
I kinda suck at product shots, it needs thought and care and time. Sorry for that <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/unsure.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':unsure:' />...

[Image: gallery_10230_63_242989.jpg]

[Image: gallery_10230_63_285643.jpg]

Here I have two Ultra-Micro-Nikkors now. The 55mm f2, and a 28mm f1.8. They are special little lenses who lack focus rings... they are designed to focus at a set distance. And then they deliver crazy sharp optics: They are 5 times or more sharper than the better/best 35mm SLR lenses.

Nikon calls its "macro" lenses "micro" because they started to develop them for micro film purposes. These Ultra-Micro-NIKKORs were used in the late 60's and 70's (and into the 80's) in the microchip production. With a flange distance of around 20mm, a small image circle and the lack of focus mechanics, they are indeed specialty lenses, only really interesting for collectors, macro purists and photography "geeks". When they were in production they were extremely expensive (because they have extreme optics). Because of "Red Book Nikkor" the interest in the ultra-micros has surged again, each of them now being worth a few 1000 euros/dollars now. Hard to know their current value, as these lenses rarely surface for sale.

They used to come in wooden boxes with red velvet lining, instead of the cardboard used for the D(SLR) lenses we all know.

The 28mm f1.8 only is really usable reverse mounted, so I will have to track down a 40.5mm filter thread to something else adapter/ring, turning the lens from a 1:10 to a 10:1 macro lens (when used at the designed distance). The 55mm f2 can be used both normally mounted on a DSLR, the mirror box acting as an extension tube (and allows the image circle to "grow") , or reverse mounted. At the designed distances the lens is either an 1:4 or a 4:1 lens. It shares the 40.5mm filter thread with the 28mm f1.8.

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