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help needed a document impossible to scan
[quote name='toni-a' timestamp='1300964047' post='7064']

Is there any way I could solve this?


Yes. Take a picture.

Really. I had a similar problem and went to a copy shop. They scanned my documents with a professional big scanner and it still wasn't ok.

So I took a picture of my documents with my D5000 and the AF-S 85/3.5 macro lens.

I do not have any good lightning systems, so I used sunlight on an overcast day when the light was even.

I fixed that documents on black background paper on a board and used a tripod.

Then I retouched the picture a bit to adjust tint and WB and printed them. They looked as close to the original as possible.

Another solution might by a CCD scanner. Most scanners use CIS and do have problems with certain colors. CCD might be able to handle it.

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