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old canon FD lens
Vaguely I think some folks have removed the mount on the FD lens and added an EOS mount that does not require optics. If you google a bit I think you will find the instructions. I read the alt forums have at fredmiranda site quite a bit so I might be mixing this with some of the other old manual focus lenses where this approach has been taken; but I know that several of the better FD lenses (such as 85f1.2, 50f1.2) are popular with those folks (I think at least one just lives with the fact that they cannot focus to infinity).

Anyways if it is not a lens of high optical value I would not brother. Digital seems a bit more finicky with regards to the optics; but then again some of the older designs are quite good.

A bit of googling (well one search) and I found these instructions with comments on how to achieve infinity focus. Please note that some complex designs (such as those with floating elements) might be more difficult to convert; I did not read these instructions in detail and I'm not familiar with FD construction in general so am unsure if this is a potential issue (i.e, I know that this is an issue when converting contax c/y lenses to sony mount but this might or might not be relevant for FD to EOS):

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