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Thinking about buying the GFX? Article by DpReview


One final little jab at DPR.  Don't get me wrong!  They provide great information!  But part of the syndrome is to do things like compare two different photos that look quite different and say, see:  Look, there is no difference!  Only...there is?  Does that not bother anybody? 


OK, Obicon...I took the bait!  Still, if I had that kind of money, I'd spend it on lenses and lighting.  Or better yet...learning how to use what I already have!


See, Arthur, Rishi's article is a long one with lots of opinions, facts that sometimes I agree with and sometimes I don't. Normal. I don't want to waste mine and others time for a pointless debate: people with a use and deep pockets for the GFX will jump on it, as it's a great offer. Others like me will wait for a longer time to decide. I agree with you, this kind of money I can spend on more needed stuff and you forgot mentioning "travels to nice sceneries". Rishi is not DPReview alone, but with publishing this kind of article they also fed the trolls. Their trolls...


And the moment I think that I also know "more lenses would mean more lenses in the drawers - I don't like to carry around tons of glass. Lighting, to start with, can cost easily as much as I already spent for cameras and lenses and would also remain at home and the moment appears when I need to think about renting a studio location - I've seen a colleague walking this path and it's not mine. Learning? Yes, please, but after zone system and before becoming professional, there are not much opportunities. So I stick with travelling.

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