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Pentax D FA* 50mm f/1.4 - development annoucement
(07-02-2018, 05:41 PM)Kunzite Wrote: But - we were talking about Sigma cameras here. Are you saying it's stocked everywhere? That it has a larger user base than Pentax K? What exactly are you doing with this discussion, besides hating Pentax?

No, you are talking about Sigma cameras and their insigificance in photomarket. I was only mentioning an interesting, but super heavy 50 mm prime. And of course, it's always entertaining to see the only Pentax user in this forum defending "his" brand against everything which looks even remotely like a bit of critique. Acting like a berserk, no sense of humor at all and jumping into rampage mode at lighting speed. "Hating" Pentax? Are you insane, man? This brand IS too insignificant to activate any kind of hate. Regret or pity, yes, but hate? For what? For being late to all parties?

And about which Leica DSLR MF are you having fantasies? No, spare your time. There's no Leica MF DSLR in production and the R9 was FF

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