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Pentax D FA* 50mm f/1.4 - development annoucement
@davemanze: it's irrelevant in the sense that you being a Pentax user ages ago has nothing to do with the truthfulness of your claims.

Hoya got Pentax Corporation through a hostile takeover, which itself was only possible because they had an accomplice in one of Pentax Corporation's major shareholders - SPARX (a financial shark) - and also the support of the Pentax' CEO.
Pentax Corporation was profitable at that moment, and just started being serious with their DSLR line (it happened as they launched the K10D and were building the DA line). They fired the CEO, tried to resist the takeover, but ultimately failed.
Hoya cut down their momentum - in a moment when the market was growing fast - and almost killed Pentax Imaging Systems through cost cutting and downsizing. A lot of things that should've happened years ago didn't happen under Hoya - the ring-type SDM motors, the FF, improved AF, a properly maintained lens line... those were just not an option, as Hoya started looking for a buyer as early as 2009 and was cutting down on investment.

To say that Pentax Corporation needed to be "saved", or that they were "bailed out" is untrue. Hoya almost killed Pentax.

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