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Fuji X-H1 & 2 cine zoom lenses announced
Fuji doesn't dare to go fresh ways. The whole dial, wheel and even the sharp corner design (compared to Canon EOS with their soft curves or Nikon with their rubber coats and also soft corners), Fuji tries to state "we're retro. and if we're not retro then we're hell of retro".


Now they pack together anything modern, like articulated (yet not fully) touchscreen, nearly 4MP of EVF, tons of video features, top display - everything which is also to find in well thought cameras, but they stick to retro design and retro concept. "we need those wheels, because our customers say so". They don't finish their open construction sites within their UI, they just add new ones, with poor translations and endless contradictions. To make things worse, they also out in loads of exceptional configurations. I felt the conceptional UI base already weak. Now, with the new overload of new functions, it will be an even steeper learning curve - and still fall short of becoming a pro camera in terms of versatility and speedy usability. This is less a tool for still photography than a toy for nerds - or a movie cam with only one perfect setup.


Hell, I wanted to wait with a judgement, but I can't help.


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Fuji X-H1 & 2 cine zoom lenses announced - by JJ_SO - 02-15-2018, 04:52 PM

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