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German foto competition: dubious selections and bad taste
Let´s look at the winners of a recent foto competition organized by the "Fotocommunity" and the German magazine "Colorfoto". The topic was "Strand und Meer" ("Beach and Sea" that is) and it was required that a beach and/or the sea must be the main subject. Only one image per photographer was allowed.

Some comments: the #1 winning shot is a fail (wrong main subject, neither beach nor sea are relevant to the image) and was taken at the same location as image #5. Moreover, images #2 and #8 are almost identical. At least 4 out of the 8 winning images are long exposures. Most of the 8 winning images are technically good but nonetheless utterly boring mainstream "kitsch", which can be sold as trivial Ikea-poster.

I wonder why a leading German foto magazine doesn´t care about quality? I also wonder why they don´t stick to their own rules? This is an ugly example of a very bad taste and probably of dodgy decision making as well.

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German foto competition: dubious selections and bad taste - by Sammy - 07-03-2018, 01:03 PM

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