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Fujinon XF 200mm f/2 R LM OIS WR announced
(07-21-2018, 04:42 AM)you2 Wrote: The big lens on small body never bothered me because I always hold the system by the lens (if the lens is tiny then I hold the body but typically with any moderate size lens such as 55-200 I hold the lens and so it doesn't matter on the camera size - please understand i've always used small camera starting with olympus om-1; then contax aria and these days olympus om-d or fuji t-20 (though i would like an x-e3).
Having said that this I agree this 200f2 is mostly just a show piece and I certainly would never buy it though I suspect it is optically quite good. From my perspective it is too heavy; too short for distant subject (eagles in trees) and too long for casual stuff.
My biggest problem with fuji/olympus is finding a good combo for birds such as hearings and eagles - these are frequently quite far and most people with full frame cameras (nikon/canon) are using lenses in the 400mm to 500mm range - i tend to see a lot of sigmas - i think 200-500. 4/3 and fuji just doens't have good optics in this range. The new panasonic 55-200 might be interesting - looking forward to your test but even there the 200 (400 equiv) end is on the short range.

Well, the Oly 300mm f/4 PRO IS is certainly awesome ...
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