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Have we reached the APS-C limit at 24 megapixels?
I've read a interesting article by Thom Hogan, saying that he had made a calculated prediction in 2003 that APS-C sensors would top out at around 24 megapixels (source: ). Looking at the cameras of the past, it seems that the industry has mostly been using the Sony 24 mp sensor in APS-C cameras, a sensor which was released 7 years with the A77.

What will it mean for the industry now that the megapixel war seems to be over? Can we expect cameras to continue to be upgraded, year after year, or have we reached a point that cameras released nearly a decade ago are practically as good as the newer models? 

I fear we might be seeing a crunch sooner or latter, with consumers buying previous models instead of the "current" model, and companies leaving the market (looking at Pentax first, while M43 and Fuji question the continuation of their systems).

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Have we reached the APS-C limit at 24 megapixels? - by WyldRage - 08-22-2018, 05:06 PM

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