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Mirrorless and dust, did Canon find the solution ?
(09-07-2018, 01:08 PM)JJ_SO Wrote: I think a shutter is basically useless to change the lens. If there's dust or mositure to protect the sensor (glass) from, it will remain on the shutter. As soon as I'm done with lens change, allt his particles will not disappear in thin air, but remain between lens and sensor.
Also, all DSLRs have a closed shutter at the moment of lens change. Does it prevent any dust particle to finally land on the sensor? Not at all.

I rather prefer easy access to clean the sensor. That is a system downside of mirrorless (and interchangeable backs). The shutter is kind of false security and obican is right. In case of a defect it's an expensive repair. It doesn't matter if it's fingerprint or particle, the glass is easier to clean than a thin sheet of metal. You guys considered it's a marge larger hole in the body and less deep as well?

Yes, of course, I certainly did consider that. However, the diameter of any lens for it, including any adapter, is such that it is virtually impossible to touch the shutter, unless you deliberately stick your finger in. As mentioned, I never ever touched a mirror on any of the slr's and dslr's I owned, and I always had interchangeable focusing screens as well, BTW.

I think the shutter is a nice touch. It does prevent some dust ingress when the sensor is at its most vulnerable.

Kind regards, Wim
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