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New Sony 70-200f2.8 OSS performance extremely praised true or hoax
Tamron's truly stepping up to the plate and rivaling the best producers!


 It was a few years back I moaned about the look of their fluted rubber gold ringed plastic lenses, they just didn't look premium and  the level of construction wasn't at all rugged, the SP series brings the whole level of construction with some metal included (I like metal lenses) and solidity that matches the optics.


  Looking forward to see how their 70-200mm SP model shapes up in all departments, focus breathing included, apparently their 24-70mm only reaches 45mm close up. The lenses price point will obviously attract much attention in this recent round of wide aperture tele-zooms.


The Tapin console completes the ability calibrate from home instead of sending in lenses and all the cost and "palaver"  of sending parcels worrying whether Canikon had calibrated the lenses properly.


  Looks like there's another round of 70-200mm lenses to review next to the Nikon.




  I'm lensed out to the max agogo at this present time for buying new glass....but as I've always said:


  "my real strong point is in fact my weakness"! 

Dave's clichés

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New Sony 70-200f2.8 OSS performance extremely praised true or hoax - by davidmanze - 01-26-2017, 08:15 AM

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