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HD Pentax DA 11-18mm f/2.8 ED DC AW
(03-05-2019, 04:38 AM)davidmanze Wrote: Only a Pentaxian could possibly function with that logic........

.......normally, anything is better than Pentaxland.........nothing is better than nothing!...........

............and that's what they got........nothing.......and they're happy.........the perfect business plan!........
You're dead wrong about both points. It doesn't matter to you, as long as you still have '.........' to spare (the tactic of convincing people with many, many dots!) :p

1. "Anything" is not better than "nothing". Some "anythings" can get the company in deep trouble... including a bad product, or a "too good" product. And "nothing" in our case means the product isn't ready yet.
Wait, a "too good" product? How could it be? Isn't "too good" an instant success, 200% market share, competition dead and buried?
But what if this "too good" product doesn't sell in the expected quantities, at the expected price? It happened with Minolta's 7D, the final nail in the coffin - they had to sell to Sony. And to Samsung, with the NX1. Let's see Olympus' OMG EM1X; I have a feeling their medical division will continue to absorb losses.
In Pentax' case, however, the danger would be a yet another minor update. Exactly what you said they should do.

Quizz: what were their most successful cameras? Hint: not the minor updates.

2. Many Pentaxians, me included, aren't happy at all about the slow product launches. Just because I only spend 1-5% of my life and not 100% complaining about it doesn't means I'm happy. It means I have a life. And a nice Pentax kit; I'm not missing anything I truly need.
But it's typical to make convenient "assumptions" about others - you know, it's easier to get snarky at a "me" you've completely made up, than at the real person.

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