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Double six hundred attack from Sony: 600/4 and 200-600 are live!
(06-12-2019, 02:22 PM)davidmanze Wrote: Just to say first I'm looking from a birders viewpoint  ...... that means primarily speed of AF, reach, IQ and focus .... in many ways I wish I wasn't ...... but there it is!
 No, I don't get 10/10 shots in focus with BIF either ....... I get three or four in difficult BIF situations up to 8 when birds are relatively still.
  You saw Chris and Barney struggling ??  ..... I must have missed it!

   Any way this about Sony and it's great A9 ..... and the lenses you can out on it ........

  and to trump it all ...... it's the Same price as the top Sigmas ......

 Which would you choose if you had an A9 ..... the Sigmas?

In the video of Barney and Chris at 7'51" Chris started to mention something about hard time to focus.

I agree with your viewpoints, but I like to add "handling also gets important, if a lens is heavier than 2 kg and very long". I don't understand why Sony has not included an arca-compatible foot (the 600/4 is 13 k$ and I need to buy a plate??? Okay, not I, but these poor Sony suckers  Big Grin )

As Jordan added, no distance scale is also a bit disappointing.

I think Sony users are better off with the genuine lens (speaking of 200-600) than with a Sigma or Tamron adapted to a Sony. The lenses themselves are not - even not the most expensive 60-600 as high priced as the Sony, but with the necessary adapter it's nearly equal and I guess the genuine lens will do the focus job quicker.

The Tamron delivers focus accuracy on mirrorless (at least the 150-600 does, the 100-400 still lacks of a FW update, since 10 months nothing) and so does Sigma. Delivering focus accuracy and firmware updates, that is. And not only on a Z, but also on a 1 V2 (600 × 2.7...) It looks as if a Fiat 500 would pull a sky crane...

[Image: 2019-05-24-_DST4777-L.jpg]

[Image: 2019-05-24-_DST4795-L.jpg]

As Mark Smith tells, he rather likes the α9 ( for birds.

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