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Sigma FP launched
Not true, but be prepared for a laugh: I made a mockup with genuine Sigma STEP-files. So, the finder in this case is an optical magnifier. I have this for the dp0 quattro and it's not too bad, but of course is depending of the IQ of the LCD. Doesn't add tilt/swivel functions, but I think, the camera is already relying on an external Atomos recorder. To me, it's Sigma's attempt to increase the user base to cinematographers, as they already offer excellent video lenses.

It's a bit like a Lego camera...

I've never seen this STEP-files on any manufacturers website and still asking myself why Sigma put simplified volume models on their website to download for free? Do they want to make it easy for accessory suppliers?

Also, according to DPReview, a redditor found the price of the camera hidden in the source code of the site: $ 1800 .-. As this will be a retail price, I expect to see a market price of around 1500.-ish.

There's also a kind of a cage availabe and the remote control is the same like for the dp or sd quattros. They use the same design elements (buttons and dials) so I suppose they also will have a simar and very easy to understand menu.

Certainly not a camera for everybody, but for the ones who don't need Blackmagics, it's an interesting alternative.

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