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Recommendations for a RAW converter for Canon
(10-22-2019, 10:56 AM)davidmanze Wrote: [quote='Brightcolours' pid='49028' dateline='1571730605']

  As it happens I've just bought a new A4 Epsom ET 2710 printer/scanner with ink tanks ........ 169 euros ..... resolution 5760 X 1440.
  ..... included you get four bottles of printing ink each containing 65 ml  ..... 260 ml in all, (that's more than a standard beer in a bar) each replacement bottle is 10 euros .....
   .... so no more of those scandalously priced cartridges and no temptation to use TPM inks.  Yay !! ......but man is it slow.[email protected]/

  The above shot printed great ..... actually this printers sharpness tests any noise in the image far more than my last Canon did !!

Flickr's red flower group;

I got this printer big sister Epson L800 with six ink tanks, ink is never a worry, but its heads tend to get clogged so print frequently otherwise you will see yourself spending more ink on head cleaning than on prints
Another advice, use OEM paper and ink or OEM ink plus paper for which manufacturer supplies a color profile to your printer otherwise your colors might be really off.
Last thing but it's pricey, get a printer color calibrator, I got colormunki photo, it has been serving me well for years for all my screens and my printer, this way you have reliable colors whatever ink or paper you use.

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