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Canon RS plus budget RF lenses soon
Oh no! I pushed one of the quote options. I hope by dropping down to quick reply I can avoid quoting everything by mistake again! You said:

============Dave said.................................
Hi Arthur ....... I presume you are almost camera-less and that was forcing your hand !......
....... I get the cropping thing with 75 Mps ...... but it ends there for me .... super huge files need super fast camera processors ...... a super huge buffer and a super huge computer with super huge hard drives ...... probably all super "huge" expensive .... and for what ?? to be able to crop a 20 Mps image ??
What is it that we cannot compose our photos appropriately that we have to take in the whole scene just to crop a bit of of it ??....... it goes against the whole thought process of photography in my book.
You talk of your interest in wildlife and birding (something which baffles most here Smile ) ...... this is not the home ground of the 75 Mps sensor!
So I think it's more about choosing your camera body for the work you intend to use it for and luckily they're not so expensive ..... in Canon-land the 7D MKII is proven .... and the new and popular "do it all" the 90D ... although I don't know it's track record for birding ...... and of course an appropriate tele-lens to accompany it .... of which there are now many.

Then there is the "How many notice the difference" scenario !!....

..... having no children I didn't have the worry/guilt of spending their hard earned heritage on a S/H Nikkor 600mm F4 .... to me the lens made all the difference in the world .... however, it clearly did not make any difference to anybody else ...... apart from a couple of comments on Flickr ...... for the most part it passed unperceived Smile .......
...... the point being is, the most important thing is your photography pleases you ..... if it does that ...... your there !!

End Quote
Start of Response:

I have to say, I love you man! It's too bad you don't have kids! I mean, you are reasonable, and you like to do stuff and have fun with it! I hope you're an uncle at least (like me).

I have to laugh! "Almost cameraless" And yet, that really is the way I act and feel. Here is the deal: I have the 20MP Canon 5D Mk ii full frame camera. For lenses, I have manual 500mm with MF. I have 100-400mm with AF. The Camera works fine for macro, but for birds I have a choice. Get closer, or get an APS-C.

So you did get my point about a 75mp FF. It would be all purpose. But for me that is not reasonable. Files would just be too big!

I was considering the current Canon R FF. Because of the "liquidation sale prices." I think a prefer having a pretty good FF, and a pretty good APS-C, to putting all my eggs in one basket!

(Re- 600mm/4) No, your right it doesn't make any difference to anyone else. I'm convinced most people can't tell the difference. I actually LOVE your photos on Flickr! I should say it more often I guess, but I am not really good enough to say anything but wow! I see a lot of bird photos, and I can't think of anyone as good. I only call myself a photographer if I am sure the person I'm talking to doesn't even own a camera. But I've been on Flickr since 2005, and I think I have seen a lot of great photography! So by that measure maybe I am a good judge.

It's true, I normally only buy a new camera when the old one breaks. I must be loosing my mind! All I hope for is that it makes a difference to me!

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