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Fujifilm X-T200 - no comments so far?
Fuji has too many X-models: XT-n, X-Pro-n X-En, X-Hn, X-Tnn and X-Tnnn.
6 lines of cameras, with not always obvious differentiators. It's confusing at best.
They should consolidate their lines and keep only these 3 IMO:

- X-Tn: flagship line in a DSLR form factor
- X-Pro-n: rangefinder form-factor
- X-Tnn: entry point/consumer line

The X-Hn line makes no sense. IBIS should be part of all new models from now on.
The X-Tnnn line makes little sense either as it's too similar to the X-Tnn line.
The X-En line is very similar to the X-Tnn line but in a rangefinder form factor. However, I think it doesn't provide enough of a differentiator to be viable in term of production cost.

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